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Artistic Coaching


I have been coaching French Companies and artists for more than 10 years now,  I supported their work in rehearsals and the building of their projects. I helped them turn into proper professional companies, by polishing their work, helping them give a deeper perspective, dimension to their creations. I also coached actors and dancers or even singers in their work.

(Moriarty's singer, many dance and pyrotechnical companies, CND Dancers, Theator PHD students...)


My field of experience is:


-stage directing

-actor coaching


-theater bases

-writing or co-writing

-admin advice

-marketing in France


Main supporters /clients: for my work: Mairie de Nevers France, Paris ZUrban, Ministère de la Culture, Ministere de la jeunesse et des sports, Region Bourgogne, Departement Nièvre, Maison de la Culture de Nevers et de la Nièvre, Canards sous la pluie, Vita violenta productions, Nagarythe Productions, Pégase Production,  Hennebont, Montguyon, Lebanon Wafa Productions, Doha ministère and visual solutions......

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