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French Ballet Barre au sol /floor bar


Baller Toned reinforcement . Floor strenghthening and lenghthening for a better posture.   Also works as a coherent Preparation for Ballet class.

"Directional lengthening is not about being warm or gesticulating. There is no force to it, just resistance , breathing and time. The rest is simple release. We will work at reinforcing our center, giving air in our articulations, discovering our muscle chains, and understanding the work on fascias .  This floor bar also introduces useful movements for Ballet class.

Ideal for dancers, but also beginners, seeking to feel closer to their own body (proprioception). Also available for professional coaching / Mondays at 2 pm in Heavitree/ Tuesdays at 10 am in Heavitree, Wednesdays at 6 at Exter Phoenix/ thursdays at 10 at Heavitree/ Saturdays at 9.30 in Totnes, Chapel House Studios. 

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