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Proprioceptive Dance, for a better Wellbeing and Freedom of Movement














Dear Steadydancers and friends,


Here is a text explaning a bit further the purposes of my Proprioception class. Please continue talking about it ! Thank you all so much for your support. See you very soon with schedule details for next term. x xx Tatiana





Synaesthetic explanation:


How about treating yourself with playful exercises ?

Discovering a clay floor, leaving your signature print in the ground (hands, feet and spine), finding invisible barres, throwing spiderwebs with your eyes, rocking on your sacrum (and Elvis).



It all sounds surreal, but trust me, proprioception will make you travel far between the macro and the micro, in a flash of lengthening.

You will discover that you have a marble promenading its way along your body. Your map is there at hand, we just need keys to read it.

Clear lines and measures.


You will find out that there is a dining table with big armchairs and fire hearths between your shoulder blades...among other secrets


You will acknowledge that "decoaptation" is not a posh word. But it all finds its meaning within a clear axis, and settled gravity. Bubbles and clouds of bouncyness will revive your joints, into confident and forever reversibility.


You will get a sense of continuity, reaching the stars while resting in the warm earth center.


You will play at micro-messaging your body, with no more than a delicate touch, and find there, how responsive you become ! Explore the wide world of the "infiniment petit", breathe, and make it grow larger and larger.


Technical explanation:


Gain amplitude, lengthen your muscles chains, develop counter resistance, sharpen your rhytmic response, experiment slow and daily paces, discover your kinaesphere, and axis, not only for dance but for daily life and global well being. Find your axis, connect with your center, breathe in, spare the air out, like a whisper. Feel good and free to move a step further.


We work on a topic every month, experiment moves and proprioception through floor work, and middle work


This class provides a coherent body preparation for a better freedom of mobility, and inspirational creativity.

Inner floor work, sensitive bar experience and middle laboratory, based on a different topic of work each session.

Helps entering the pleasure of Dance and expression at any kind of level. Progressive work throughout the year. Anatomic tricks and grounding paths.  Ideal for dancers, but also beginners, seeking to feel closer to their own body (proprioception). Available for professional coaching

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